Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Writing Xmas Carol

I wrote two sci-fi novels and a book of short stories before beginning Xmas Carol. The first few books taught me how to write fiction, which I'd never tried before. Turns out it's an awesome pastime.

Writing Xmas Carol was like visiting a magical land. After I chose the story idea, the tale came to me in pieces. I'd be thinking about other things when suddenly a piece of the puzzle would appear. In the end, it was like the story was sent to me. It needed to be written.

Perhaps you've found yourself drifting away from reading. This is understandable since most books written these days are boring. I wanted to write something that had life and energy -- and purpose. I wanted to write Xmas Carol.

I've always enjoyed sci-fi and horror books (and movies). But I'm also a rational fellow. I know there are no such things as witches, ghosts, werewolves or vampires. But I still had a pressing urge to write within these genres. So I thought about it for a very long time.

Then one day I asked myself a question: "What is like a ghost?" This simple question was the seed that turned into Xmas Carol. If you like horror and sci-fi, but you've also grown up and don't enjoy nonsense, you may be the perfect reader for Xmas Carol. 

This story is new. There's nothing like it in literature. Take the plunge. I priced the book at only $2.99 because I wanted to let readers in, not exclude them. I figured this was a price that just about everyone could afford. If you read the book, and I hope you will, I doubt you'll be disappointed.There is nothing boring about Xmas Carol.

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